Two “Angels from Heaven” descend on Staten Island, NY

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Jack & Louis: American heroes getting involved

On the 26th of December 2012, (nearly two months after super storm Sandy hit the East Coast) two gentlemen from Brooklyn stopped by the STAR relief center on Staten Island.

Jack Basile and Louis Ventre had seen reports on both ABC news and NY1 news of the Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner, hosted by STAR ,for over 1000 residents affected by the storm. They (Jack & Louis) were touched upon viewing several interviews of both local area residents and the relief effort’s sponsors (Cambridge Catering) and as well as those of the non-profit organization established to help StarAmerica.

They soon found themselves traveling from their borough of Brooklyn and across the bay to help those in need; They asked STAR one question… “what can we do to help?”

During those first crucial few weeks post Sandy, Jack and Louis were like literal Angels sent from heaven. Supplying food, groceries and anything the relief center needed, they gave of themselves as much as any two people possibly could. It wasn’t enough.

We need to do more.”, said Jack and Louis. The STAR organization, in an effort to foster that platform of continued forward momentum, then introduced the gentlemen to Judy Paul, a 72 year resident who had lost everything in Sandy’s wake. It took all but thirty minutes for these two kind souls to decide that they needed to rebuild Judy’s home.

The home is now in the final stages of completion and it will not be long before Judy can move back in to begin again.

Jack Basile and Louis Ventre are true American Heroes. And it is due to their direct actions that our organization may now be receiving a grant to rebuild ten more homes for those unable to rebuild on their own.

Thank you Gentlemen!

From all of us at STAR


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