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Today Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced NYC Build it Back, a new City program to assist homeowners, landlords and tenants in the five boroughs whose homes were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. As the City shifts its focus to long-term rebuilding, NYC Build it Back is designed to make the newly available Federal aid simple and understandable, and the program will provide assistance – including grants and loans – to New Yorkers still recovering from the storm. New York City residents can begin registering for the program by calling 311 or visiting NYC Build it Back provides multiple pathways to help affected residents return to more sustainable housing and recover out-of-pocket costs resulting from the storm. Beginning next month, registrants will be contacted by a Housing Recovery Specialist who will help them review their options and guide them through each step of the process.


NYC Build it Back provides four pathways to help New Yorkers affected by Hurricane Sandy return to sustainable homes:


  • Repair: A NYC Build it Back professional contractor can help eligible participants whose homes require minor to moderate repairs. Registrants also have the option of selecting their own contractor within Federal and program guidelines.


  • Rebuild: If a home is substantially damaged and needs to be rebuilt, qualifying participants can choose a home model that is designed specifically for their community, uses the best available resiliency standards and is designed by a NYC Build it Back developer. Alternatively, registrants can choose their own architect and contractor to develop and build their homes within Federal and program guidelines.


  • Reimbursement: The City can also help participants recover eligible out-of-pocket costs for minor repairs already made to their homes that satisfy all Department of Housing and Urban Development and other requirements.


  • Acquisition: Some owners may want to voluntarily sell their homes and in some cases, the City will be able to work with communities to strategically redevelop these properties in a smarter, more resilient way. Housing Recovery Specialists will be able to explain these options.


NYC Build it Back complements the assistance already provided by FEMA, private insurance claims and other sources. Homeowners, landlords and cooperative and condominium owners with primary residences in the five boroughs are encouraged to apply to find out how they may be eligible for the program. Professionals will assess the damage of homes in the program to determine the costs of repairs or rebuilding, including elevating homes when necessary. Assistance will also be made available to qualifying renters who participate in the program.

If you need more information, please click on the links listed below.

NYC Build it Back Flyer – English

NYC Build it Back Flyer – Chinese

NYC Build it Back Flyer – Russian

NYC Build it Back Flyer – Spanish

NYC Build it Back Press Release

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