SI LTRO Comment on CDBG-DR Amendment 5

The deadline to submit a comment on CDBG-DR Action Plan Amendment 5 is Saturday, March 2nd by 11:59pm.

Read and comment on the proposed amendment:

The SI LTRO is making 12 specific asks of the City:

1)      Offer elevation assistance to all applicants in or entering Zone A.
2)      Lift the “lis pendens” bar to Build It Back assistance.
3)      Provide temporary housing assistance to those who must vacate their homes during rebuilding.
4)      Permit the transfer of bank-held insurance proceeds in installments.
5)      Reserve “relocation allowance” for homeowners with underwater mortgages in the acquisition program.
6)      Reopen registration for the Build it Back program.
7)      Publicly release general needs assessment data and conduct additional needs assessments.
8)      Allocate additional funding to the Temporary Disaster Assistance Program (TDAP) and improve access to TDAP assistance.
9)      Provide TDAP assistance to undocumented immigrants.
10)  Strengthen plans for the preservation and creation of long-term affordable housing.
11)  Use CDBG-DR money to create good local jobs.
12)  Create a plan for the City to engage community members, Long Term Recovery Groups, and other CBO’s involved in disaster recovery more deeply in decision-making processes.

To read our full proposal click here.

You may copy and paste the twelve asks above and submit them as your comment, or write your own. Please use this opportunity to provide your input to the City on their allocations of federal Sandy money!


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