Donate here to help us facilitate meeting the unmet needs of Sandy impacted residents on Staten Island.

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It is the mission of the Staten Island Community and Interfaith Long Term Recovery Organization to harness and justly distribute the resources of donors and supporters here in Staten Island and across the nation to foster an effective long term recovery of Staten Island in response to Super Storm Sandy as well as provide a vehicle for disaster preparedness and future emergency response.

As a coalition composed of on the ground disaster recovery groups and Staten Islanders personally impacted by the storm, the Staten Island Long Term Recovery Organization is able to put donations right toward the recovery needs of our hurting neighbors. Many people lost medical equipment in the storm. Some people need help paying first month’s rent on a new apartment, or replacing tools that they relied on for their small business. There are mothers and fathers who are still struggling to find beds for their children to sleep on. For some, all that stands in the way of getting back home is help purchasing a replacement refrigerator. These are the kinds of needs that the LTRO is committed to using the contributions of caring donors like you to meet.