Pitch Letter to Monsignor Farrell “Hearing Our Heroes”


Nov. 20, 2014

Dear Monsignor Farrell High School Hearing Our Heroes Members,

There are many veterans who were affected by Super Storm Sandy two years ago — and some of those veterans still need help!
WWJD — What would Jesus do?
Given your important role in the community as a local, high-school based organization, I am hoping that your organization will be interested in putting your faith in action and partnering with the Staten Island Long Term Recovery Organization to bring some hope — and holiday cheer — to the veterans who may still be facing the struggle of completing home reconstruction, renovations to a portion of their homes, or putting finished touches of recently-completed improvements to their homes.
There is a great deal of Sandy victims in this situation — and some of them are indeed veterans that would appreciate a lending hand.
The LTRO is a grassroots organization of Staten Island volunteers from different walks of life with various skills and resources being used to aid and nurture Sandy victims — and help them complete their transformation from displaced to replaced in their homes.
The need is especially great now with the holiday season approaching — many of the victims and veterans are in need of donations of food and clothing, medical resources, and just a friendly face to help out with some small jobs around their home.
It would be a win-win situation for members of the Hearing Our Heroes team to live up to the goal of your organization and aid these needy veterans and Staten Island residents while also spreading some love and kindness as the holidays approach, just as Jesus would.
If you are interested in joining the LTRO in its ongoing Sandy relief and recovery efforts, please contact me at the contact information below at your earliest convenience and I can set up a phone call, or meeting, with the group’s director, Alana Tornello.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration regarding this effort.
Christine Albano
media/public relations
Long Term Recovery Organization

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