Pitch Letter to SI High School Principals


(The following letter was personalized and sent to each of the high school principals on Staten Island to engage their students in a partnership with the LTRO.)  


Nov. 19, 2014

Monsignor Edmund Whalen

Principal, Monsignor Farrell High School

2900 Amboy Road

Staten Island, N.Y. 10306


Dear Monsignor Whalen,

With the arrival of the second anniversary of Super Storm Sandy this week, hundreds of Staten Islanders are still struggling to recover from the unexpected devastation of that life-altering event.

Even though the storm occurred two years ago, there is still a vital need for outreach in the Staten Island community, and nonprofit groups, such as the Staten Island Long-Term Recovery Organization, are interested in partnering with local high schools to augment these ongoing recovery efforts.

Some residents lost loved ones, as well as their homes and other property, and many are still fighting to get their lives back to normal. Some are eagerly hoping to get back to their own recently-repaired homes, new homes – or to start new lives altogether – and just need help with minor repairs and improvement to do so.

Students from local high schools can be of assistance as the SI LTRO mobilizes teams of volunteers from many faith-based and community-based organizations to assist with their current last-minute recovery needs.

In the coming weeks and months, SI LTRO will dispatch volunteers into the effected neighborhoods around the borough to help residents complete smaller tasks, such as debris removal, painting, moving furniture, and making other small improvements and repairs.

With community service a high priority at your school, I hope the SI LTRO can count on your students to join the volunteers of the SI LTRO in making a much-needed difference in the lives of Staten Islanders who have already sacrificed so much and have been forced to live so long, with so little.

So, let’s work together to give back to the Staten Island community and unite in an effort that will go a long way to show fellow Staten Islanders that they can count on their neighbors to act more like close family and friends in their time of need.

If you are interested in having your school partnering with the SI LTRO, please contact me at 718-702-7455 or at Alana.tornello@sisandyhelp.org at your convenience to discuss further details about the volunteer options.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with your students on this worthwhile effort.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Alana Tornello


Staten Island Long-Term Recovery Organization


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