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Mental Health Referral Booklet

Mental Health Referral Booklet Spanish

For Information on Remodeling for Disability and Special Needs


2014 Rebuild Environment – NYC Voluntary Rebuild Capacity Assessment: This survey was conducted by the Voluntary Organization Needs Assessment (VONA) Subcommittee of the New York City Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NYC VOAD) Volunteer Management and Construction Committee. The Subcommittee’s purpose was to gain a greater understanding of the capacity of voluntary rebuild organizations in New York City. The results of this survey highlight the complex environment that rebuild organizations must function within; not the least of which are local laws and public policies that, in and of themselves, are necessary for public safety. (Adapted from Page 2 of this report in subtitle “Introduction”)

New York League of Conservation Voters Three Point Action Plan to address New York City’s most pressing environmental and resiliency challenges

Natural Resources Defense Council: Preparing for Climate Change: Lessons Learned for Coastal Cities from Hurricane Sandy. This report analyzes FEMA flood maps to reveal that the maps did not account for 65% of the area that was actually inundated by Sandy.

New York City Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters: The 2014 Rebuild Environment: NYC Voluntary Rebuild Capacity Assessment report; a comprehensive assessment of the NYC voluntary sector’s rebuild capacity in response to Superstorm Sandy.

Center for an Urban Future: Caution Ahead: Overdue Investments for New York’s Aging Infrastructure

Alliance for a Just Rebuilding: Weathering the Storm: Rebuilding a More Resilient New York City Housing Authority Post-Sandy.

Future-Proofing Cities: A report from the U.K. Department for International Development and University College London looking at the risks and opportunities for inclusive urban growth in developing countries. 129 cities, 5 urban types and over 100 practical solutions.statistics and analysis.

Field Guide Set & Trainings For Engaging Faith Communities from the National Disaster Interfaiths Network

The International Economic Development Council released Case Studies in Small Business Finance Following a Disaster, a report of six case studies of effective long-term economic recovery efforts of disaster-affected communities.

Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development, Inc.: Real Affordability: An Evaluation of the Bloomberg Housing Program and Recommendations to Strengthen Affordable Housing Policy

Alliance for a Just Rebuilding: How Sandy Rebuilding Can Reduce Inequality in New York City

Working with U.S. Faith Communities During Crises, Disasters, and Public Health Emergencies: A Field Guide for Engagement, Partnerships, and Religious Competency is a guide for engaging and building sustainable and competent partnerships with faith communities throughout the entire disaster lifecycle. To read the report click the link above.

The Religious Literacy Primer for Crises, Disasters, and Public Health Emergencies is a quick-reference tool providing at-a-glance information on basic religious literacy for 24 of the largest religious communities in the United States. To read the report click the link above.