Temporary Housing and Housing Assistance

If you are in need of housing assistance, a disaster case manager may be able to help you create a housing recovery plan based on your specific circumstances. See the ‘case management’ page for the best organizations to contact for this assistance!

Project Hospitality

Individuals and families facing homelessness as well as case managers are welcome to call our homeless outreach program to triage needs and arrange placement.
Call 718-720-0079×10

Neighborhood Housing Services of Staten Island
Neighborhood Housing Services of Staten Island,
in West Brighton, is seeking to help those still displaced by Hurricane Sandy, with a recently formed Staten Island Recovers Program and Fund.

The program is designed to help storm victims get back into permanent sustainable housing, by connecting people with counselors who can help them with the paperwork of applications, and also fill the gap in what is available in public funds, with additional grants and low-interest loans.

Homeowners as well as renters are eligible for the assistance, as the program is designed to make it easier for people to find long-term, affordable housing regardless of whether it is in an apartment or privately owned home.

Funds are limited and those interested are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. For more information, call 718-442-8080.

NYC Build it Back

A rebuild applicant’s transfer amount might be reduced or the client may be reimbursed the transfer amount they already paid if they have to spend out of pocket funds on rent.

  • Only available to applicants in the rebuild pathway – NOT for repair pathway, repair and elevate pathway, etc.
  • BiB construction start dates can be negotiated to start later if a client is not ready to move yet AND the client can ask for a housing counselor through BIB if they don’t have one.

NYC Unmet Needs Roundtable

An applicant may qualify for rental assistance from the NYC Unmet Needs Roundtable if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Clients with significant mobility or visual impairments
  • Families with a significant number of minor children who need to stay in their school district from Sept-Dec and can locate housing in that school district
  • Veterans
  • Clients with life threatening medical conditions (cancer/chemo; severe mental health issues; HIV/AIDS; etc.)

Any above client must:

  • Have a letter from Build it Back with a move-out date and a move-back date
  • Find their own temporary housing
  • Expect donor support for a hotel stay to last no longer than 28 days and with no extensions

Other Options

  1. Disaster Case Management agencies may have flexible funds still available for temporary rental assistance/broker’s fee/security deposit. These funds must not duplicate other funding opportunities and must be within the $5000 cap for a client.
  2. If the client has a disability or diagnosis, agencies that assist people with such disabilities or diagnoses may have flexible funding available.
  3. The Center for NYC Neighborhoods can connect a client to a housing counseling agency that may be able to find other local resources.
  4. CNYCN Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) helps homeowners get out of foreclosure or mortgage delinquency and into long-term affordable mortgage payments. However, the loan has to end the mortgage/housing payment distress, which may not be the case for people displaced due to Sandy-related construction or hazard abatement.
  5. Client may qualify for loan or grant from the Bridge Fund for temporary housing costs.
  6. There are many eviction prevention programs, like HomeBase, that assist with rental arrears.

Here are some useful websites for finding affordable housing on Staten Island:



mnuCity=staten%20island%20&searchFlag=AF – more listings than the above, but overlapping

http://www.nychdc.com/pages/LI_StatenIsland.html – City-supported housing developments













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